Monday, October 8, 2012

Revolution: The Plague Dogs

The dogs in question are owned by a brutal psycho who stabs Maggie, slitting an artery in her leg and thus making her the One Who Dies as advertised.  She went out dreaming she was reading to her kids.  Nice touch.

He also grabs Charlie and ties her up with a triggered trap so when Miles and Not Nate open the door an arrow is launched.  Luckily Charlie was able to rock the chair, which was bolted to the floor, out of the way at the last second.

Charlie acquits herself well saying goodbye to Maggie.  Miles tells Charlie he will stay with her.

Danny meanwhile predicts a tornado like storm that causes Neville and company to take shelter in a barn.  Danny has a moment to escape and he takes it.  Neville catches up with him almost immediately and they run to a storm cellar together and ride out the storm.  The tornado damages the building and Neville is trapped.  Danny could escape but Neville convinces him his dad would help out.  Danny does and immediately Nevilles got him back under wraps.

Charlie's mom is shown leaving the family, walking off on her own.  By show's end we see she left the family on the orders of Miles who has her hands bound then he walks away as she asks if she'll ever see her kids again.  He coldly does not reply.

In current times, Monroe has a torturer come in with his toolkit to try to get information from her.  She seems to have resisted as Monroe then threatens to torture Danny in front of her for better results.

Nice, eh?

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