Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Once Upon a Time: Broken

The season premiere did not disappoint!  It opens with a man walking a city street who I thought at first must be Bale, but on closer inspection it looks like Jefferson.  There is a Hatter poster of some kind on his apartment wall so, not Bale, I say.

He is obviously leading a miserable existence and its raining and he can't get his window closed.  A dove stops by with a postcard that has a picture Storybrook and the message "Broken" on it.

Storybrook isn't actually broken, but it is working a bit differently than might be expected since magic has returned.

Doctor Whale, who remains enigmatic and unidentified as a fairy tale character leads a mob against Regina.  She has a moment where she tries to use magic to blast them with her returned powers only to find that they are not back after all.  The crowd presses in.

Charming, Snow, Henry and Emma arrive just in the nick of time to break things up.  Interestingly Henry shows he has feelings for Regina after all as he begs the crowd not to harm her.

Doctor Whale and Charming go head to head and Whale defiantly tells Charming you're not my Prince.  Where did this rapscallion come from anyway?

Gold slides around his promise to Belle not to kill Regina by sending a soul sucking wraith after her.  The wraith is pretty crummy looking but he is bent on getting to Regina.  She is put in jail to protect her from the mobs and the wraith.

Regina has a plan to send him through Jefferson's hat to another place.  She claims fairy is gone so it will send him into a void or she isn't sure what.  Regina desperately turns the hat as the wraith approaches trying to infuse it with magic so they can lure the wraith in. 

It is not until Emma kneels by her side and touches the hat that it spins and opens and the wraith can be drawn in.  Emma is sucked in too.  Snow, unwilling to lose her daughter after just regaining her jumps in after.  The Prince tries to follow but the portal has closed, leaving him with Regina and Henry.

He takes Henry's hand and leads him back to Snow's apartment where they gaze sadly at a picture of Emma and Snow.

Meantime in fairy, there is a small bit of the land left and Sleeping Beauty is found and wakened by her prince.  He is accompanied by Mulan (!).   Somehow the prince is also marked by the wraith so the reunion of the Prince and Aurora is cut short by the attack of the wraith. 

This leaves Mulan and Aurora who both loved the prince as it turns out.  The wraith is contained in an amulet.  Among the rubble of the battle Mulan pushes some debris aside revealing what she says is the source of the wraith:  Emma and Snow.

Sending Snow and Emma off to fairy is a good plot twist.  Emma is still having trouble identifying with all of these crazy people.  She can't understand what their existence was like, she can't imagine the power of magic and the battles between good and evil that could take place that might make two parents desperate enough to send their child off to an unknown fate.   It looks like she is going to learn.

Instead of the battle for Henry between two mothers that dominated the first season, we have Henry in the custody of Charming, his grandfather.   He can get some grounding in what life should be like in a magical world.  Since he is of this world, I'm guessing that Henry will have his own magic and Charming can steer him in a decent use of that magic.

I'm glad Belle came back to Gold at the last, because we know Beauty loves her Beast despite his flaws and frightening ways and she can help redeem him.

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