Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Saturday Night at the Movies: Cloud Atlas

I wasn't sure I'd like the movie because it looked like something that would all end tragically, across varying timelines.

The story has six timelines and it jumps randomly (it feels random) between them.  I don't think because of the way it is structured you understand that these are the same individuals over time making choices for good or ill that carry down the halls of time with them and change what happens to them in their next incarnation.

A couple of people stand out for always being evil (Hugo Weaving's many characters) or always good (Halle Berry's character, Bae Doo-Na, Susan Sarandon) others go back and forth between good and evil.

I'd like to see it again to straighten out the character stories over time.  Because the overall message was one of hope and good triumphing, I liked the film enough for multiple viewings.

The most compelling tales were :

One in Neo Seoul 2144 with a "fabricant" who is made self aware by rebels.  She broadcasts a message of hope, love and humanity for all times.

Zachary (a member of a mostly savage tribe victimized by an even more savage tribe) and Meronym (one of the last of an advanced race) in a post apocalypic time struggle with ignorance, brutality and hope.

Robert Frobisher, a talented musician struggles to create a piece called the Cloud Atlas Sextet whose musical message of transcendant love ripples throughout time.

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