Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Revolution: Nobody's Fault But Mine

I had to stop writing about the show for awhile because it had become TOO AWFUL. Somehow in the last few episodes, a miracle has occurred.

Perhaps several.

Charlie’s character has become the sort of girl you would expect her to be given circumstances. Quieter, more thoughtful. Less bullish. Not soooo bratty, pouting, entitled.
It is as if a different actress were in the role. Maybe Tracy just needed time to find her stride and her inner dare-I-say heroine.

I’ve wondered if the cast and crew have rallied behind the young actress and coached her into being a Charlie we can root for. I could be wrong. She does seem strongest in scenes with her uncle Miles. I thought she handled the reunion scene with her mother and brother Danny very well.

The plot thickens. Miles and Monroe face off. Friends since boyhood they are unsure if they can fight the other effectively. Monroe really bares his soul and begs Miles to come back to the republic only to be turned down. A fight to near death with swords ensues. Miles escapes!

Rachel kills the psycho killer guy with a hammer and a spike to the chest. Don’t fool with Rachel. I’m thinking at End Game she will take out Monroe with a screwdriver or toothpick to the groin. Somehow she knows and appears to be buds with Aaron. Maybe she can toughen him up.

Aaron was a really likeable character for me until his backstory episode. Leaving his wife to face whatever bad things would come “because he couldn’t protect her”. Weak. He seems as if he simpers in every scene he is in since then. Disturbing.

Great scene with Miles holding Neville’s wife hostage and Neville absolutely spitting bullets that Miles went into his home and laid hands on his wife. Yow. The secret plan of Neville and his wife to take over the Republic would result in an even nastier regime, I’m sure. Neville’s son will have to join our rag tag crew in the Revolution to overthrow these bad folks.

Unlike some, I’ve been a fan of Nora all along. She is one tough woman but has a sense of honor that doesn’t quit. I liked her back story enormously and feel her desire to protect her sister is part of her deeply decent human ways.

In the last scene our group is reunited at last but on the run with a newly amulet powered helicopter facing them down.  We won't mention the unlikelyhood of a real helicopter pilot being at hand to hop into that puppy and go right after our heroes and heroines.  Or that the fuel in the copter is still viable. 

The show is on hiatus until March 25. This trend of putting new shows on long hiatus before they really have established their audience seems so foolish. Who will remember to watch by March?

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