Saturday, January 26, 2013

Mystery Crossword

I like crosswords and want to make them but I have had terrible luck with the online generators available. 

I don't care to purchase software because they may not work for posting here any better than anything else.  Grr I say.  I had high hopes for the Read Writer Think Puzzle Maker until the finished product displayed with the clues in a little box that required you to scroll to see the clues.

Boo hiss.  They let me print out the puzzle and it looked great but then I had to try to scan it and then post it like this:

Lord knows what this will look like when I hit publish.  A mystery indeed!   Just in case this displays decently, answers will be up next Saturday along with a new and exciting puzzle!
Ha!  Looks fine when you enlarge it.  Yay, I say.  I can scan the Answer key I printed as well so this puzzle is in the bag.

1 comment:

  1. hey. seems a challenging and interesting one. would like to know all the answers in the end for sure so do keep up posting.

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