Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Mortal Engines Q and A with Philip Reeve on January 19

Philip Reeve will host an "ask me anything" Q and A on the Mortal Engines Redditt forum on Saturday.  Do you think he'll say if there will be another Fever Crumb Book?  :)  

Details above or visit his blog.

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  1. Hi Philip,
    I have a few questions in relation to Mortal Engines (and Fever Crumb). The answers could possibly help in the creation of a future Anno game (I'm afraid I can't tell you more than that for now.

    I: What type of food do they eat?
    I managed to gather that they grew Algae and Cabbage on the city (actually, this is quite realistic being the type of resistant plants to survive a radioactive war) but is there anything else? Fish from on city fisheries and bread?

    II: What type of metal is used in the city? Iron would probably have run out but maybe during the sixty minute war big amounts of it was scrapped and reintegrated into the ground?

    III: What are the first Guilds and Orders apart from Engineer, Skinner, and Sedan Chairs? Are there merchants? Or a very basic subclass of Historians?

    IV: I gathered that most of the Earth is either Ice Waste that nearly crosses the Atlantic and Desolated Plains, but is there any other particular landscapes?

    V: This is the hardest one, F.U.E.L ...
    Where does it all come from and what is it? It has to be as simple as oil regarding the technology but the oil would probably have been long gone... (Coal is the same thing!)
    What powers these huge moving cities?