Monday, January 7, 2013

Sherlock Holmes Season One

I finally watched season one of Sherlock after many encouragements to do so.  I was surprised at the length of the episodes  90 minutes! (which the official site rightfully describes as more like a film than a television episode).

I like the Doctor Watson character.  I saw Martin Freeman first as Bilbo and so was prepared to like him.   Here, though, he is a very different character.  This Watson has plenty of depth.  I find it fascinating that after just a few episodes Watson is somehow calming and focusing the hyperkinetic crazed Sherlock personality.  Much like Lucy Liu's Watson is a calming influence on Elementary's Holmes.

Holmes himself is hard for me to like so far.  He seems to have little humanity.  He is all about the mental exercise of solving crimes.  How he saw the hostages in The Great Game episode really showed that he hadn't any feeling for them or their desperate plight.  He has a villainous countenance.  Watson has a long way to go to find a heart in this man.  However, also in the Great Game he seems to be getting some attachment to Watson.

I found Moriarty repulsive.  That baby face.  That careening voice.  Ick.  I also watched a video on the official site about why they made him a bit different from the traditional Moriarty, and I respect it.  We shall see.

Luckily I have seaon two at hand.

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