Sunday, July 14, 2013

July in the Garden

Winter finally left. Heat is da bomb.  My vegetables love it except the peas.  My main project this year aside from growing veggies is to move everything inside my fenced area.  It will be a lot easier to maintain all in one place.  And beautiful, right?  A few pictures from June snuck in at the end.

Random garden photos.  Yes you do see weeds.  Heat, torrential rains, a sleepy gardener. These things add up.  Chipping away nonetheless.

A miniature bee balm. Very crimson, though it doesn't show it here. Perfectly matches the coloring and bloom time of another plant Stacys Humello (sp?).

Coreopsis Zagreb

Coreopsis Moonbeam

A zinnia mix seedling that should be in a pot but nooo.

Black Dragon Coleus from seed.

Shasta Daisy Snowcap.

Munstead Lavender.

A rogue Hens and Chicks. I've never had one flower like this before.

Stacys Humello (sp?)  Really a lovely upright plant with crimson/purple flowers.  Dark green leaves too. Too washed out but voila, here it is.

My cornfield!  Not knee high by the fourth of July by a longshot.

A Closeup wherein it looks waaay more like a stalk of corn.

White lilies from one of those "mixes" you get free when ordering bulbs.

A pink lily from the same mix.

I thought this was daylily Naomi Ruth when I took the picture but it is clearly not.

Checking my maps to see what these are before I move them.  I love pink.

Lily Tiger Babies.  I thought somehow when I planted them they would be small, short, baby like, but they're tall and happy so I will let them stay where they are.

Two different lettuces, my cucumbers and some swiss chard.  Just so pretty.

Yukon Gold Potatoes, marigolds and a tomato from seed. 

A tradescantia.  I have numerous, and love their many variations of color.  (June pic)

A white allium.  Hoping to add more this fall. (June pic)

A hosta with an iris draped over its leaves. (June pic)

Everything here but the trees will be moved and these gardens sodded over.  (June pic)

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