Sunday, August 24, 2014

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Sunday 8/24/14


Dr. Who

I watched the new Doctor Who last night after seeing a David Tennant episode earlier in the week and liking it.  I haven’t watched since Tom Baker was Who, not sure why.

My guess is I didn’t like whoever followed him.

I thought Peter Capaldi was a fine Who.  Sort of a Shakespearean persona. Planet of Puddingheads!
His companion annoyed me for much of the episode, being rather whiny and unaccepting of the new doctor. 

She apparently wanted her own doc version, and had a smidgen of romantic interest in him.  Now Who is old and gray and wonderful. 
In the piece at episode’s end with the previous doc, it was touching, but honestly, his head looked like it was made of wax.  She liked that?  Hmmpf.

I thought the episode needed more Who and less companion.

I was confused by the lizard lady and her wife in Victorian London, not to mention the potato guy.  Still, they acquitted themselves well.

Not a fan of omniscient villains so I didn’t care for the lady in the garden at the end.

Off we go. At least I’m not attached to the previous Who as most are. Be gone, Wax Head.



I watched the new show Intruders as it promised to be a bit scary, a bit sci fi, a bit X-Files.

It is clearly meant to be scary, confusing and you aren’t supposed to have a clue as to what is actually going on.

The Intruders are what? Aliens?  They appear to either kill or take people over or somehow reclaim them?

James Frain is the baddie who goes around shooting everyone rather mercilessly.  For some reason he doesn’t kill a nine year old who is transforming? Or getting her memories of another life back?

Apparently this will have repercussions, and he should have plugged the poor kid.  Not that her mom was paying any attention to her or anything.  And the kid killed her beloved cat.  Under the influence of the alien ? madness.  Now she wants revenge.

The other person I like is an ex-cop whose wife appears to be in the middle of being reclaimed.  She starts dancing to jazz (omfg!) and next thing you know she disappears while on a business trip. The husband recovers her phone and finds texts that make it sound as if the wife and a lover plan to bump him (the husband) off.

This is eight episodes, I’m intrigued, I’m in.

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