Saturday, August 23, 2014

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 Saturday August 23, 2014

I haven’t kept this up in ages though I have tons of things to babble about.  It is working for me to write posts in Word then copy them over on my other blog so I will see what I can do here.

The Garden

A terribly disappointing year.  It was so cold into June that I couldn’t feel comfortable planting my warm weather plants.  I got late starts on everything I did put in.

On the plus side I have been finding that seeds from previous years germinate fine so all the things I didn’t start can be done for next season.

I had no success with seeds started on my light stand this year. They just all withered despite my efforts.  I thought I had down the whole process and I have great seed starting tools but we got zippo.

Seeds started right in my raised beds, even started late,  just flourished.  Figure A plant outside.

Flowers… man, they are so slow to grow those I need to start way early indoors for sure.

I need to do serious fall cleanup and prep of those so that they are ready to go as soon as something resembling spring arrives.

I gave away about 80 plants to my little sister from the west side of the yard.  They are very happy in their new home and I am happy not to have to have tried to move them within the yard here.

I have to mention my arthritis is like sooo awesome and painful and it hampers me incredibly from working in the yard for more than a few hours of time.  Very bad.  Not how I pictured things going at all.



Way back in my callow youth all original programming stopped in late May and all summer was full of re-runs and old movies on TV.

Now, there are all of these little mini-series which if successful get more than one season.  They seem to run from 8-10 Episodes, then if they’re lucky they come back in a year.  Kinda dicey.

We actually haven’t had real cable in ages but have it again now.  So we’re getting Showtime and HBO and can watch some of the things offered there.

I missed True Detective but it seems intriguing so I may try to watch it on Demand yet.

I loved Penny Dreadful set in Victorian times with vampires, werewolves, Frankenstein, possessions.  I’ve seen it compared to the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (I liked that movie and haven’t read the books) but it isn’t anything similar for me.  
As a caveat sort of comment, I was pretty shocked at the (Insert Sex Scene Where Everyone Appears Bored… But Damn They Sure Are Buck Naked) here and in other prime cable shows, but I now just shake my head and endure them.  Honestly, someone should be looking as if they’re having a good time but nooo.
We started watching Black Sails on Showtime ( a pirate show, yo ho) because we liked NBCs Crossbones so much and had seen them compared.   I thought John Malcovich as Blackbeard on Crossbones was mesmerizing and loved the rest of the cast.  It did not get a renewal, but Black Sails was apparently given a second season so we’ll catch it when it comes again, as it were.  Very mechanical sex in that one, good grief.  The acting was better in Crossbones across the board.

We started watching Legends on TNT with Sean Bean.  It’s an espionage thriller that is great after only two episodes. A real showcase for Sean Bean.  I must say so far it looks like Sean gets to live and everyone else on the team gets picked off one at a time.  Death sells.

More fascinating babbling Soon.    Librarian D.O.A.


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