Sunday, August 31, 2014

From the Diaries of D.O.A.


We spent a few hours at the State Fair today.  Mostly we wandered.  I only had my beloved Cheese Curds and they did not disappoint.

We took the Park and Ride Bus and it was smooth as usual.  The new hub however was a terrible mess of lines of people waiting to get tickets.  Half and hour in line?

Then as we entered the fair you looked down and it was just a sea of humanity.  The whole place was that way.   Hot from people though the temp itself was in the reasonable 70s.


Doctor Who: Into the Dalek

Shades of the movie Fantastic Voyage the Doctor, Clara and two soldiers from a rebel ship are miniaturized and sent into a haywire “good Dalek” who is malfunctioning after having seen the birth of a star, and experiencing beauty.

I thought it was amusing the Doctor named the Dalek “Rusty”.   It sort of personalized him.

In another echo of Fantastic Voyage, the Dalek’s anti-bodies attack our little group when one shoots a grappling hook into the “floor”.

The episode is a race to find what is causing the malfunction and see if it can be used to turn the other Daleks from their destructive ways.

There is more of the theme of getting to know the new Doctor as well.  He asks Clara if he is a good man.   At the episode’s beginning and end she has to say “I don’t know”.   From what I’ve seen so far, my answer would be “not particularly”.

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