Monday, August 25, 2014

Librarian D.O.A. Booknotes

After a very long dry spell of not reading much I've been reading and am a happier soul.  Determined to write them up somewhere along the line I've been stacking them up in my craft room near my computer as a hint that I should just do it. 

I have actually started picking them off my pile and typing in thoughts in my apparently beloved Word.  Here is the first batch.

Librarian D.O.A  Booknotes


The Fallen Charlie Higson

The Enemy Series Book Five

The Fallen finally offers some answers to questions regarding the origin of the zombie plague. 

A few of the kids operating out of the Imperial War Museum have some scientific aptitude and they are hoping to find the origin of the disease and perhaps create a cure.

What might have been a trip of a few hours across London to get medical equipment and back turns into days.   Characters making the trip die, revolt spawns back at the museum as the group known as “The Holloway Kids” tries to fit in with a new group.  There is a traitor among the Museum group who brings destruction down upon both groups as they struggle.

These books are wonderfully fast paced and tense.  You’re rooting for these kids, and almost always the most sympathetic of them seem to die.  Sort of like The Walking Dead and the constant danger that favorites will be killed off.


The Ploughman’s Lunch and the Miser’s Feast Brian Yarvin

Nearly a year ago we had a wonderful trip to England.  Our picky picky selves were determined to try some pub food and local foods this time so we didn’t eat at Kentucky Fried every single day (Agh that happened one trip. So awful. So gross.) 

One of my favorite things that I tried in various places was the Ploughman’s Lunch which most often consists of cheeses, fruits, greens, ham, eggs and those odd little white onions.  There was always something that I liked and would eat in a Ploughman’s lunch.

This book has wonderful recipes for all sorts of things we tried and didn’t try.  Spotted Dick, really quite nice. Pease Porridge. Bubble and Squeak.

This would be great to read before you go so you know what to ask for, and it is totally fun to see what some of the foods were that you saw but weren’t bold enough to try.

Have your own nice pub meal right at home!


Seven for a Secret Lyndsay Faye

Sequel to The Gods of Gotham


Timothy and his brother Valentine become involved in the dire business of “slave catching”.  This is a lucrative business in 1846. It is so lucrative slave catchers steal free citizens off of the streets and from their homes, often with the blessing of the newly formed Police  and local politicians.

I saw the author locally and she said for her Valentine was the moral center of the stories, but he is so amoral that bothers me terribly.  Luckily, as I’m reading, Timothy is everything I’d want in a hero, brave, humble, determined to do what is right for everyone regardless of their color, sex or station in life.

This is a complex story, with so much information on the slave trade and the efforts of blacks at the time to find a way to defend and protect their loved ones while having no legal rights.  It seems such an impossible way to live, and find dignity, but they manage, just as people now somehow find a way to lead lives of freedom with the scales ever weighed against them.

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