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This week's mystery involved the woman who was shot at the end of the previous episode.  Though she wasn't killed to shut her up, the NSA did take over the crime scene and took her body away to a creepy government facility where masked and gowned surgical types awaited her.

The medical researcher Saanvi is ahead of the feds, searching young Cal's blood for answers to what might have happened to the passengers and crew of Flight 828.  She finds a marker that turns out to be in her own blood now too, that may indicate everyone was near death and brought back.


This Is Us

The highlight for me was a dream sequence of sorts with all three Kate's together, with Jack stepping in after a bit.  The actresses playing Kate are all so wonderful.   The teen is so angry, while the youngest version is so sweet.

Huge: Beth loses her job just as Randall decides he's going to run against the North Philadelphia councilman who won't act to clean up the rec center.  So, they're moving from New Jersey to Philadelphia?  Does Randall plan to move into his apartment building?  Lots going on there.



Worst Judgement:  Jeremy

Favorite this week:  Mike

Toughest to to take down: Natalie

Most likely to leave by episode's end:   Natalie or Jeremy.    Jeremy!  He went right off the rails out of nowhere, was paranoid, was accusing people of talking about him.  Yikes.  It happens sometimes that people just crack.  Too bad, what a good guy.

Standout moments:

David wins Immunity!  Goliath goes to Tribal.

Mike was pretty interesting and surprisingly emotional.

Natalie was just impressive going to everyone and stating her case.  She's definitely a powerhouse, but hasn't shown it much, but she was there tonight.

Bi hurting her knee is bad news she's really a tough physical resource for the David tribe.  Odd little vibe, her laying on the raft with her head in Nick's lap.

Not a merge but a mixing of tribes next week.  That's not going to go well.


The Good Place  

Any worries about how Michael and Janet could make their way on earth with no skills, no monies, no idea of what they are doing here were quickly put aside.  Michael and Janet just use Janet's infinite knowledge base to win the Lottery by picking just the right ticket from a roll for Eleanor, and likely are doing the same for themselves.

Things just seem to be meant to break the group apart though, Tahani meets old friend Larry and plans to go back home and marry him.

Despite Janet's cautioning against it, Michael wants to sneak into the Judge's chambers!!!! and reboot things once again for the group.  That's going to go well.

Even more bizarre, Michael summons a door way in the basement but before he and Janet can go through, they see Eleanor, Chidi, Tahani and Jason standing watching them.  Oops!   How much did they hear, how is the glowing door explained, and what on earth are they all doing down in the basement?

Murphy Brown

Murphy has a pretty good episode with the MeToo movement as it's base.   Some awareness training at the station on appropriate behavior in the workplace brings up lots of conversations, and some hard memories for Murphy.   She has a good scene with Tyne Daly at Phil's talking about how women put up with a lot of behavior as part of "bad dates" back in the day.   Then, at home Murphy talks to Avery about an experience at college with a professor she's carried with her ever since.

Murphy goes to confront him, and his home is like some terrible stalker trophy den, complete with an award she won on display.


Van Helsing

My favorite episode of the series, it was spooky instead of gory.  It took a step back into the past with ancestor Lillian Van Helsing going undercover in an asylum called Renfield House.

There's a graveyard, a mad scientist, and a new type of vampire.

To top it off, The Elder psychically sends Vanessa back to Lillian's time at the end to experience an encounter from Lillian's time, as Lillian.

Next week should be great.


Doctor Who

The Ghost Monument

At the end of episode one, the Doctor and her three new companions were floating in space, just floating in nothingness.

This episode has the Doctor and Yaz aboard a ship with Epzo, hurtling toward an unknown planet that isn't were it's supposed to be.   There's much Doctor Who-ish  technical back and forth with the pilot about how to land without crashing.

In another ship, Ryan and Graham are with pilot Angstrom who thinks they're bonuses to help her win the race she's engaged in against pilot Epzo.

The pilots began the race with a huge competitive field and they're the only ones left, and the planet they've landed on contains the last leg of the race.

The pilots were both really interesting, and though you really had to be rooting for Anstrom to win, with her whole family at stake, I liked the shared victory at the end.

The Doctor's reaction to finding that the Ghost Monument at race's end was the Tardis was fantastic, as was her reunion with the newly self-remodeled ship.

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