Thursday, October 18, 2018

DOA In The Virtual Garden

Not my own, so much,  (until the garden catalogs start coming in) but Thursdays seem like a good day to share what I've seen lately that's garden related.

Via the Impatient Gardener, did you know there were are Christmas, Thanksgiving and Easter cactus?  I thought there were only Christmas Cactus.

Via the Old Moss Woman's Secret Garden,  there have been some clever new ways to decorate with pumpkins lately, but a pumpkin pirate ship!  That's quite a sight.

Via Two Women and a Hoe, I can identify with this big time!

From John Scheepers Kitchen Garden Seeds, I love these beautiful nasturtiums. 

I am also becoming enamored of all sorts of begonias.   Isn't this pretty from the Houseplant Guru?

From Avantgardens, a wonderful path, in form, though I'd illustrate it a bit differently.

Sold Out if you follow the link to their page, but this Sorbet Peony From Jackson and Perkins is stunning.

Jung Seed shows what a real pumpkin grower can do with a few seeds.


  1. That peony though...

    1. I know! It can't possibly be that lovely for real, right? I'd buy it to see for myself though.