Monday, October 1, 2018


Despite not having a nice list of new shows to try this fall, I'm finding plenty to watch.



A new show where a plane takes off in April 2013 and lands in November 2018.  I thought the concept would be hokey, but the actors really pull off the shock of how it would be to have this happen.    The changes to the lives of everyone they knew and loved makes sense, but is just incomprehensible to the travelers.

There's a hint that there is a divine hand in things.  It's really well done, the pilot in any case.  We'll see how tonight's episode goes.


This Is Us

I love it so much.  My husband loves it too.  So much happens in an episode.  This cast, in all the time periods they write, are so incredible.   Heartbreakers!


Survivor  David vs Goliath

I can't resist this show most seasons.  Lots of good characters this time.  I'm not going to recap it this time around, because by the third episode everyone seems pretty mean, and I feel mean talking about them.  I thought I'd try a new format.  Just a few questions each episode.  For episode one:

Favorite:   Christian the Robot guy.

Most likely to leave:  Natalie or Pat    Pat left with a medical injury, oh so awful, seemed to have cracked his back on a rough boat ride back to the island from a challenge.

Least favorite:   Natalia   Mean Girl personified.

Laziest:  Tie Nick and Natalie

High Self Opinion   Natalia

This episode's pick for season winner:   Christian

David Tribe in Five Words or Less This Week:  Nicest tribe ever?

Goliath Tribe in Five Words or Less This Week:  Every person for their self.


The Good Place

It is hard to say why this show is so appealing.  They actually had a full hour episode.  All the characters are exactly who they are meant to be, no matter how many ways Michael the Demon tries to change how things go for them.   They're an endless fascinating experiment in what it means to be Good.

Murphy Brown

I have never seen an episode of Murphy Brown till this week.  I never watch sitcoms anymore, though I used to.   To my surprise, I liked the show, I liked Murphy Brown.   We'll see how long I watch given my dislike of sitcoms, and politics.   I particularly liked her interactions with her son.  I'm not so sure what I think of the others on her crew.   I liked Hillary's cameo.


Fear the Walking Dead

After a great third season, in season four they came back, tossed everyone out who might outshine Morgan's crossover character in any way, and it's a mess.

Even the introduction of new truly interesting characters doesn't make up an iota for the loss of the Madison and Nick characters.  I only watched the second half of the season because Aaron Stanford from 12 Monkeys, the hero and heart of that show, was going to be on.  Of course they wasted his talents and made him a selfish, whiny character nobody liked.  Not only that, they never mentioned him on Talking Dead, every single time crew was asked about the new characters, they went on and about about everyone else, but never said a word about Aaron.  They'll be back for season five, but I will not be.


Just looking around for something to watch with a cup of cocoa, I watched a couple of shows that have been on my list.

West Wing

I watched two episodes.   Too many people, I only like the President.  Might watch more, might not.

The 100

Interesting enough concept.  An ark in space made up of space stations from numerous countries who had one when the world was destroyed by nuclear war.    Overcrowding is now a problem because the life support systems are going down, and they're desperate enough to see if the planet is habitable only 97 years after the holocaust.

They send their teen children, 100 of them who are prisoners for minor infractions, down to the planet with life sign monitoring wrist bands to see if radiation kills them and how quickly.

Things go awry with the craft and it lands not where it was supposed to and communication is dead.

The kids go Lord of the Flies immediately, and are wild and and whooping it up, and acting like crazy people.   No thought they could be drawing down harm upon themselves.  No survival instincts.   Bad acting.   Might watch more, might not.

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