Saturday, January 10, 2009

Mr. D.O.A. Wayfarer Part II

"Oh no (Mr. D.O.A.), there is no seafood on this table. Lake crab yes, but certainly no seafood. (Hidden in the dumpling that looks like Christmas ornament.) The chow mein looks more normal than it did in person."

The elegant dumplings in the chafing dish are filled with Lake Crab which is not seen as seafood or fish.

Taken with the very handy iPhone on the streets of Shanghai or Hangzhou, Zhejiang (he'll correct me).

Here we have Mr. D.O.A. posing in a "KTV" room. Wildly popular, this is a personal karaoke room for you and your friends. All of the songs were in Chinese, so Mr. D.O.A. shyly said no he couldn't possibly sing along.

Wonder of wonders! They had beer and Led Zeppelin up their sleeves! Here he is, a virtual Robert Plant, singing "Stairway to Heaven". That deep old golden voice of his must have been mesmerizing.

I have no pictures of the ultra relaxing cigar smoking session that apparently left him a bit green and...well you know.


  1. ah, you sound like you are in love...

  2. Dear Anonymous, Yes, still in love.

    Dear Lush, I hope you'll send photo updates of your honeymoon when its you who are on the other side of the world. I'll miss you while you're gone too.