Monday, January 5, 2009

Mr. D.O.A. Wayfarer

Mr. D.O.A., that Grand Master of Dance, (see Elf Yourself videos in a previous post) is in Taiwan and China over the next week or so.

He is giving up his usual cuisine of Chips (Old Dutch Ripple) and Dip (Top the Tater) for exotic fare, such as this lively looking fish, about to leap from its bowl onto the table!

His caption is: "This shows a complete fish including head sitting in front of me. Tasty."

Other items on the menu:
Shrimp Cake with honey (He missed that it wasn't typical cake till it was in his mouth...neither of us eat fish)
The Dark liquid in the glasses is MILK with a shotglass of sugar...
The Yellow/orange soup sort of stuff is curry.

How I do miss him :(