Friday, April 16, 2010

DOA Podcast Maybe

I'm working on a podcast for this site that will combine content from all three of my blogs. It is a tricky business!

I found a hosting site called PodBean that I thought would let me record and publish it, but they only host your podcast.

I did some reading and found what I thought was free software to record and edit called Audacity but it appears to be a trial that lets you record but not edit. As a trial it also puts into your recording a genuinely creepy, major CREEPY robotic woman's voice that drowns you out. Eeewww.

Although I tried modulating my voice, ack ack, what an awful voice I have. Talk about eeewwww. Still the podcasts are planned to be only two minutes long so maybe I'll get used to hearing my own crudball voice and just go for the humor and all will be well.

Man, having nothing but problems adding this podcast here. Carumba.

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