Friday, September 23, 2011

Survivor (Somewhere in the South Pacific with a bunch of boneheads)

The bloom is off the rose, and the larger personalities are moving to the fore and yikes.

Top of the line is Lil' Russ (aka Brandon, nephew of Big Russ Hantz). He spills his Hantz beans to Coach, who rather graciously accepts the presence of a blood relative to one of his greatest foes. Silly Coach. Then Brandon continues to go gaga over Mikayla and he tries to get her voted out so that he isn't tempted by her anymore. I honestly don't think she particularly noted his existence until he revealed this at tribal. Now that she's going to be looking at him and noticing his uncanny oogling, I think she'll tell him off and maybe he'll settle down when he realizes he is beyond puny in her eyes. Yech.

One of my early hopefuls Stacey was hardly featured at all, plus she was in a one woman alliance with the evil (and booted to Redemption Island) Christine.

Christine has to be one of the most arrogantly stupid players on Survivor in ages. What on earth made her play? Now poor Semhar will be plagued by her, if briefly. Hope Semhar whoops her. Somehow.

Cochran is a lovable but entirely goofy player and I think he'll get booted pretty quick.

I thought it was rather sick to put the Immunity Idol up in a treescape that only Ozzy the Monkey would get to with ease. Let's hope he has the wit to use it this time if he needs it.

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