Thursday, September 15, 2011

Survivor: South Pacific

South Pacific? Pretty vague. In any case the season is off to a good start with lots of interesting characters.

If you thought Coach and Ozzy would be tossed off asap, you'd be wrong. They are both serving rather well as councillors to their tribes, helping everyone get their footing with the reality that is sleeping on cushy bamboo, with crawling bugs, no food, no water.

I am always fascinated by how quickly the thin veneer of civilisation peels away from contestants, and people are revealed for who they are, whether they mean to be or not.

My favorites this season are Papa Bear, the ex-cop; Cochran, the Harvard 100 pound weakling who knows the show inside and out; Mikayla, the girl who can Do Everything; Semhar, the exotically beautiful Spoken Word Artist who is a definite fish out of water and was voted out first; and Stacey the mom who has her eyes and ears out watching for misbehavior from everyone.

Villains of the piece are Brandon who I am calling Lil' Russ because he is Russell's nephew through and through despite his protests of being like Russell; Jim for being a jerk to everyone; Christine for thinking she is smarter than everyone and that she can find the immunity idol and run everything without spending a moment trying to play a social game.

The others are a bit blah at this time.

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