Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Television Without Pity

I found this site recently. It sort of mercilously discusses television shows, has reviews, and forums wherein people happily trash their favorite shows.

The forums I read are the Reality How to and Reality Competitive ones, where readers trash House Hunters, if you can imagine. I haven't read back far enough, but it seems the show is a set up in many ways, and often when you see the show, your House Hunters have already purchased one of the properties and are living there. They'll clear out the house and go back and film the HH's "choosing". I wish I could say this spoils the show for me, but since I use HGTV as white noise to nap in front of more often than not, I'm just sort of amused by it.

I have liked the posts in the competitive forums on Design Star, a pretty mild competition, so I'm hoping they pull out the stops on the Survivor and Dancing With the Stars forums.

If there are any new shows you're interested in (and so far I haven't seen anything on new fall season shows that interests me) you may want to visit Television Without Pity for some raucous opinions of the show.

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