Friday, September 23, 2011

Person of Interest (Premier)

The new show Person of Interest premiered last night.

It's a mystery series with a few twists. Our heroes are:

John Reese (Jim Caviezel) a former special agent who is presumed dead when he is found by Mr Finch (Michael Emerson), a brainy man with a conscience.

Tracking Reese is Detective Carter (Taraji P. Henderson) once he becomes a Person of Interest to her. Reese seems to be wanted for a wide variety of crimes nationwide and she means to find him.

Hapless Detective Fusco (Kevin Chapman) is snared as a accomplice for Reese. A good man with no good options.

Finch created a vast surveillance network after September 2011 for the government which would look daily through many portals of information from emails to traffic light cameras for any Persons of Interest who might involved in terrorist activities. Information is run daily and all Irrelevant (not terror likely) information is wiped at midnight.

The Irrelevants, however, are identified by the program as being likely to commit or have a crime committed against them. Finch is no longer working on the project, but he created a backdoor to the information, and he gets lists of those most likely to be involved in a large crime or incident which might be prevented if he can get to them in time. He cannot tell who is perpetrator and who is victim, so asks Reese to track the Person of Interest with ace spy skills, and stop whatever is going to happen.

There were plenty of plot twists in the pilot. Surprisingly both Reese and Finch came across as very likeable and somewhat vulnerable.

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