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Survivor Rules for Contestants...surprise! Don't Be a Bozo ISN'T one of them!

Every season I secretly think I'd like to be on Survivor, and my husband always says "You should apply!" Now that I'm a glow in the dark chemo skellie, niether of us think I could Survive it. Would be hilarious to watch briefly.

So while we're all fantasizing about being on the show, here is what you can bring with you, how you should behave, etc.:


Everyone's first question! So here's the info. Basically you're going to have two bags... your "Game" bag (which is a small bag or small backpack) and your "Non-Game" bag (Big as you like... well, within reason!). Details below:

Your "Game Bag" comes with you into the game and you keep it with you at all times.

YOU MUST BRING WITH YOU INTO THE GAME (This is what your "Game" bag should contain):
• sunscreen
• your own medications that you take regularly (and feminine hygiene products if you are a girl)
• Clothes: 2 shirts- one long or short sleeve(depending on the weather), one short sleeve (wear one, put one in your bag), a jacket or hoodie, a hat, one pair of shorts and one pair of pants (wear one, put one in your bag), an extra pair of socks, an extra set of underwear, bathing suit (optional, it's your call. Some of the challenges might involve getting wet), pair of gloves (optional, sometimes it's cold when we play).
• ALL SURVIVORS MUST BRING a large water bottle with your name clearly marked on it

• Journal & pen/pencil (This is the smart thing to bring. It's most likely to help you in the game)
• Book to read
• Playing cards

YOU CANNOT BRING INTO THE GAME (Don't put these in your Game Bag. You can have them in your non-Game Bag though):
• cell phones
• gum/food
• watches

IF YOU ARE VOTED OUT YOU MAY HAVE (This is what your "Non-Game" Bag should contain):
• A large zip-loc bag with any personal hygiene items (toothbrush, etc.), medicine, etc. that should be clearly marked with your name. You may not take this into the game but we will return it to you if you are voted out so that you may have it with you for the duration remaining.
• pillow, blanket, sleeping bag CLEARLY marked with your name and in a separate bag.
• food/gum
• extra clothes
• movies/books (We have a DVD player so bring your favorite films to share)
• games
• cell phones
• watches
• toothbrush/hairbrush etc.

*PLEASE do NOT bring ANY items of a valuable nature. We are not responsible for lost items. Upon arrival if you have a wallet or cell phone, Etc. place it into your zip-loc bag and we will hang onto it in a secure location.


If you are voted off early in the game you will be put to work on the crew setting up challenges and lots more. Also you'll be much more comfy than the people still playing! Think of a giant really fun slumber party. If you are voted off later, you will part of the Jury. More on that in the RULES section.


Ever watch Survivor on TV? It's JUST like that. Seriously. Except we squish it all down into just a few days. You'll be really tired when you're done but it's the most fun thing EVER! Warning: people who play Survivor become obsessed with it! Your family and friends will be sick of you talking about it afterwards.


Indeed you will! More on that in the rules section.


SO glad you asked! Here's the Official Rules section. It's VERY important that you read and understand the rules because we want everyone to know that they will be safe and that things will be as fair as we can make them. You will be signing a contract agreeing to play by these rules when you arrive for check-in so read them!


Please carefully read ALL the rules of STL Survivor. You will be expected to follow these rules. We will ask you to sign a contract prior to the start of the game to ensure that you have read and understand the rules and that you agree to follow them. If you do not, you may be removed from the game at the Producers’ discretion.

Skye (Jeff Probst)

Their word is LAW.


• The camera crews will be taping challenges, conversations, confessionals, tribal councils, etc. Just ignore the cameras and speak freely. Nothing you say will be revealed to another player.

• Periodically, a crewmember will pull you aside for a confessional. You may discuss anything that’s on your mind at the time. Please answer openly any questions you are asked.This is your chance to dish!

• You may request a confessional if you have something urgent to get off your chest. The crew will do its best to accommodate you but please be aware that due to the production/challenge schedule there may be times when we are unable to immediately honor your request. We will get to you as soon as possible however.

• You may speak freely to any producer/crew member without fear that it will get back to anyone in the game. Please be candid and open during your taped confessionals.


• OFF LIMITS AREAS – Will be clearly marked. Obviously, they are off-limits. Seriously. We mean it.

• FOOD- You will be asked to bring in a specific food item to stock our food pantry. PLEASE bring your food items. We don’t want Survivors resorting to cannibalism. That is frowned upon in most societies.

• MEDICAL ISSUES- We will always have a first aid kit standing by to treat minor injuries that may arise with conventional bandages, gauze, alcohol wipes, and liquid bandages. If your injury/illness is considered severe, you will be removed from the game and given treatment. What constitutes being severe enough to be removed from the game? Here is the rule: If you are able to be treated right there either at the challenge or in your camp to the producers’ satisfaction, you will remain in the game. If the illness/injury warrants us bringing you into Command Central to treat you, if you need to be provided with food in order to be well enough to continue, or you need outside medical attention such as stitches you will be removed from the game in order to receive the attention you need. We will make every effort to ensure that you remain in the game; however we must put your safety and well-being first.


• TREE MAIL – You will receive important notices about upcoming events via tree mail. Each team will have its own tree mail basket.

• CHALLENGES- Expect a wide variety of challenges. Some physical, some mental, some endurance, many a combination of these. You will get dirty, wet, sticky, and probably worse. Plan your clothing accordingly. Give everything your best shot! You never know what you may be a star at. In the case of a close finish, the producers will discuss amongst themselves what each of them saw and come to a decision. The producers’ word is final.

• TRIBAL COUNCIL – Tribes will be voting members off during tribal council. You may NOT vote for yourself. You MUST vote. In the event of a tie, there will be a re-vote. The two players who tied will be the only ones you may vote for. Those two players will not vote. If the re-vote ends in a tie, we will declare a deadlock. Deadlock rules will be in effect. Deadlock rules are different every time we play, so we’ll let that be a surprise.

Please respect the sanctity of tribal council. Someone will be leaving the game forever, so please don’t use this as a time to discuss High School Musical 3. You MUST wait for Jeff to call upon you before you speak. Let the drama play out!

Also, be straight with your answers in Tribal Council. If you're evasive or refuse to answer, it's likely that you will be ignored by Jeff in subsequent Tribal Councils. No one likes to be ignored! So speak up and give us some dirt!

• YOUR BAG – You will keep all your belongings that you may take into the game with you inside your bag. You’ll bring your bag and everything in it to ALL challenges and ALL Tribal Councils. PLEASE take special care during challenges to have everything securely inside your bag. You never know when a shoeless hobo will think there are free shoes lying around. I'm not kidding. Just ask Tom.

• BUFFS- Please turn in your buffs at the end of the game. We will use them again for the next Survivor. (After we wash them of course... EWWW!)

• RULEBREAKING- Will have consequences. (Dun dun DUNNNNN)


• At no time may anyone who has been voted out of the game have any contact with anyone still in the game unless at the express direction of the executive producers. This includes but is not limited to: talking to them, sneaking them food or information, influencing them in any way, asking them about their plans or future votes, etc. Your actions may result in that player being ejected from the game and you being sent home.

• When you are voted off you must bring Jeff your torch, take your things and leave the tribal council area immediately. A crew member will escort you to an area where you will make your final confessional. (We will give you a little while to compose yourself if necessary.)

• If you are voted off before the jury begins you will move into the “Ponderosa” where you will have access to all your personal belongings, food, a TV/DVD player, and relative comfort. You WILL be asked by the producers to assist with the game so be ready.

• If you are voted off AFTER the Jury begins, you will become a part of the Jury and move into Jury Sequester where you will have access to all your personal belongings, food, a TV/DVD player, and relative comfort. The Jury will have specific duties and rules as listed below.

THE JURY – Any Juror who breaks these rules will be removed from the Jury immediately.

• If you make it to the jury you will be sequestered in the jury room with other jury members. For this reason, we suggest that you bring books, games, etc. to help pass the time.

• The jury will attend all tribal councils. During tribal council the jury may NOT interact with the players still in the game. You may not speak to them and they may not speak to you. You are there only to observe and to gather information that you will use to make your final decision.

• Jury members MAY NOT discuss or deliberate about the players still in the game. Jurors may not reveal to any other juror who they plan to vote for. Jurors may not attempt to persuade or influence other jurors to vote a certain way. Please do not talk about the game, but instead make your own decisions.

• During the Final Tribal Council, each Juror will have an opportunity to ask questions of the Final players. That will be your only opportunity to speak during Tribal Council.

• Jurors MAY NOT talk while the final voting is going on.


• Family and friends are invited to join us for the final tribal council and announcement of the winner. We are anticipating that this will occur at around 8:30pm on the final day. Please tell your family and friends that due to the unpredictable nature of the game that it is possible that we could be running a little late so please be prepared if that should happen. We will try to entertain them until tribal begins.

Cameras are welcome!

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