Tuesday, September 13, 2011

GameNotes: Fly You High, Overlander

Thanks to my little sister I completed the outstanding quests in no time in the Peninsula.

She kindly bought me an Ebon Griffin and it makes things incredibly easy when you can just fly point to point. She plays all the time and is also 10 levels up on me now, so she's a powerhouse to have at my side.

I told her I'd help her with the quests she is stuck on somewhere far far away from Zangarmarsh. She led the way over some really strange spiky terrain where we had to fly really high, and at one point when she said "fly high, bad guys!" (big flying creatures) I wanted to respond "Fly you high, Overlander!" but I knew she wouldn't know the reference from Gregor the Overlander by Suzanne Collins. It's one thing to read about daring flights, quite another to take one.

Here we are safely landed in some Gnome area. There is something wildly cheerful about the Gnomes and their machines and the music that plays, especially after slogging through deep dark areas. I hope my puny level 62 can be of help to her.

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