Monday, April 23, 2012

Henry I Am Your Father...

After last night I am convinced Baelfire is Henry's father

Also, I think Baelfire is the seven year old who found baby Emma.  I think he kept returning to the place where he entered this world in hopes that his father would appear, but voila, there was a baby instead.  I'm certain he watched over her as best as he could over the years.  We shall see how much he has been working behind the scenes.  Has he been a force for good as he was in faerie, or has this world corrupted him?


  1. Hi,

    I found this while Googling, "Baelfire is Henry's Dad." Before episode 19, I didn't find many other people that were thinking the same thing, but now that August has been ruled out as Baelfire, this theory seems to have caught on like wildfire.

    I only believed in this theory because at first I thought Mr. Gold might turn out to be Henry's father because I knew that the way the writers talked about Henry's father being a big reveal later on, and at that time during the show, Mr. Gold seemed like the only possibility because there were very few male characters that would have fit that criteria. There were only three main male characters at that time, and two of those characters, Henry and Charming) were related to Emma.

    That pretty much left only Mr. Gold. The only problem was that Emma would surely remember Mr. Gold later on, but I thought maybe they could make up a reason why she didn't like he disguised his appearance.

    However, I think it made Rumpelstiltskin a little too omnipotent that he would find a young Emma, impregnate her, and count on their son bringing her back.

    Then, the show introduced Rumpelstiltskin's son, and suddenly, I had a much better, more logical candidate for whom Henry's dad is going to turn out to be.

    He would definitely fit in with what producers have said about who Henry's dad will be in that it will be a "big aha moment", and that we may have already seen him.

    Also, story wise, there's so many things that they could do if Henry is Baelfire's son, and not the son of some new character that is introduced in a later season because then Henry would be connected to all the main characters in some way.

    I think the most important piece of evidence and why I posted here in the first place because I think it's really cool that metaphysicist, who is a poster from Television Without Pity, observed that Baelfire has his own leitmotif. Only six characters have leitmotifs so far in the series. They are Emma, Rumpelstiltskin, Snow, Regina, and Charming. The last character to have one is Baelfire, so for him to be grouped in with those major characters definitely proves that he's going to play a very big part later on. Of course, he doesn't have to show up as Henry's dad, but right now, imo, it fits in with the clues that the writers and producers have given about the identity of Henry's father.

  2. Hello, thanks for the thoughtful post! I have thought August was merely the "Author" for the most part. I pictured him re-writing the story a bit when he repaired the Book and have been waiting for Henry to notice. Now that I think he is Pinnoccio, I'm wondering if he has some affinity with paper that allowed him to make his repairs :)

    Before "The Return" I had no clue what had happened to Baelfire. He could have been killed by his own father. He might have run away, sick of living with this now evil creature.

    Once you send Baelfire to our world (and there would be no point in his going to one of the Hatter's other universes) all sorts of plot possibilities open up. He would be old enough to have had a child with Emma.

    August certainly looked at her very knowingly from the first, which makes me think Baelfire talked about her a great deal.
    I could be wrong, but the people August spent time with in Storybrooke were only Emma and Henry. He didn't bother with anyone else till he made his moves on Gold at the last.

    I can understand that August is highly motivated to have Emma fight the Battle for Storybrooke, he appears to be suffering and he feels Emma can save him.

    Where has he been? What allowed him to live a life in our world if he is Pinocchio? The magic that allowed him to be a realy boy doesn't exist. The existence of Storybrooke itself did not change him it seems. The likely trigger was Emma's entering Storybrooke and the moving forward of time.

    Regarding Baelfire: if he came through the portal as a boy, he would have been caught up in the same foster care system Emma lived with. Perhaps that is where they met? Then again he would be older so perhaps he is a social worker? Perhaps he arranged for Emma's baby Henry to be adopted by Gold, knowing it was his own child and plotting some long revenge?

    I had not noticed the leitmotifs, thanks for pointing that out. I'll listen for them!