Sunday, April 22, 2012

Once Upon a Time: The Return

They really fooled me!  I apparently have a giant soft spot for Rumplestiltskin/Mr. Gold because I really wanted him to be reunited with his boy.  Instead, he was tricked by August into revealing the location of his Dark One Knife and August tried to use it to control Mr. Gold.  Major bummer. But only on behalf of Mr. Gold.

There has been something a bit off about August, a bit slimy, and I have had a hard time liking him even though he seemed to be helping Emma.  Ah, well.

Another opportunity for Robert Carlyle to do some really wonderful acting.

Still, Baelfire must have ended up in this world, right?  So who is he? Have we met him or will we?  Because he came here before the curse as Emma did, he would be immune to having to stay in Storybrooke.  I'm wondering if Baelfire is who August was talking to on the phone, saying we have to move our plan up, we're running out of time.  It would explain why August knows so much.

The next theory that has been floated out there then is that August is Pinocchio, and perhaps the tremors we're seeing in his legs are him turning back to wood in this non-magical world.  He would be highly motivated to have Emma break the curse if it would save him by sending him back to fairy tale land.

The Blue Fairy is head of the convent, right?  Now we know why Gold hates fairies.  As I was watching I was recalling Rumplestiltskin killing Cinderella's Fairy Godmother...why kill her?  She must have done something as well.  Silly fairies.

So "The Return" was not the return of Baelfire, but Kathryn's return.  She was in an accident, drugged, kept in a dark basement.  She was most gracious to everyone.  Hopefully nothing more bad will happen to her.

I feel for Sidney, still as in love with the Queen as ever.  What a terrible fate he has suffered for his true love.

David in Storybrooke was as noxious and clueless as ever.  Could they make him any less appealing?

Luckily Snow/Mary Margaret gets stronger by the episode.

Only three more episodes to the finale.  Lots of possible twists.

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