Saturday, April 14, 2012

Grimm: Love Sick

This episode was a huge relief after last week's truly Grimm episode "The Thing with Feathers" in which a bird-like wesen was tortured/force fed by her nasty cat husband. Ack.

In what is revealed as an effort to get the key Aunt Marie left Nick, Adalind seduces Hank after having primed him with poisonous cookies.  With Hank near death, Adalind demands the key in exchange for Hanks life.

Backed by his new faithful crew of wesen experts Monroe and Rosalee, he works to find an antidote for Hank's maladies.

Also a victim of the cookies, Sergeant Wu, that furniture eating rapscallion, serves as a test for the antidote.  Where did they get that device that they inserted in his nostrils?  There was something vaguely steampunkish about it, and about a smoking pipe used by wesen miscreants in a previous episode.

Although he is clearly a bad boy, I just love Captain Renard.  He never misses a beat and never fliches when threatened.  I'm looking forward to seeing what this Prince of Creatures looks like beneath that cool exterior and hope it is revealed by season's end.

I love the blossoming relationship between Monroe and Rosalee.  Monroe is something of a Renaissance Blutbad and Rosalee compliments him nicely.  Much better than the savage piggie sister from his past in an earlier episode this season.

Nick is showing his detective skills a bit more this episode, as he postulated the third man in the shooting deaths of recently arrived foreigners (Renard's folks trying to bring him into line), and at the end he has tried the key in everything in the trailer but the key also turns out to be a map he inks onto paper...a smarter Nick is a better Nick for the show.

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