Sunday, April 29, 2012

Once Upon a Time: The Stranger

Pinocchio turns out to have been the seven year old that found baby Emma, having come through the wardrobe portal just moments before her.  (Doh I did think Baelfire was too old.) It turns out that Gepetto forced the Blue Fairy to lie about how many could travel through.  The number was in fact two.  He insisted Pinocchio be one of them.

I liked having my question answered about August and his returning to wooden form, it was indeed triggered by Emma deciding to stay in Storybrooke for Henry.  August's description of his land where everything is pleasure...Tsk.

I thought that Baelfire was going to be in the cafe as a sort of last resort bit of convincing for Emma, but no. All August succeeded in doing was to make Emma feel desperate to get away from the burden of saving everyone.

I do think the older boy at the orphanage with the wad of cash was Baelfire (like I'm letting him slip away so easily).  All that money from making deals no doubt, just like his dear old dad.

Interesting Emma could not see August's wooden leg.  It must be because she truly doesn't believe. 

I thought the telling of Pinoccio's story was sweet.  It is just too hard that Geptetto should be asked to let anything happen to his boy.  I understand the deal he made. 

It was far too much to ask of a small child to go through a portal to a foreign land alone, and to bear the burden of watching over a baby and making sure she meets her fate.  Still, when he left poor innocent baby Emma there alone with those cruel people I'm going noooooo.

Nothing but sadness has been brought by the curse, even for Regina who is not loved anywhere by anyone.  I wonder if she is regretting having done it at all.  Interesting ploy trying to gather David to herself.  Maybe Charming is waking up to himself.  He backed right on out of there, didn't he.

I am vindicated, August did change the story and Henry did notice!  Aha.

My husband and I are agreed that August/Pinocchio has achieved redemption because Gepetto told him he tried to make things right and that is all that could be asked.  And he's going to work for his dad for free just to be near him again.  Now that is nice.

And Emma decides to take things into her own hands and drives off with Henry.  That will be a fine mess.

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