Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Birds and Blooms Blog of the Week

I'm always looking for new gardening blogs to read.  I like the ones with lots of pictures (though I find the ones which are protectively watermarked annoying--they just seem needlessly intrusive) and I like people sharing tips and just general "here's how I garden" information.  The more conversational the "voice" of the blog, the better.

I really dislike lots of ads in and around a blog.  It makes it feel like an adware/spyware trap!  Also, if something hasn't been updated in say the last three months I won't add it in.  I think I am finding that there is a limit of 166 blogs you can have on your roll though it isn't officially stated.  That sounds like alot, but if you have varied interests like me, you can just zoom right up to that limit.  If you have blogger, when you go to add a blog note it says how many you currently have.  You may need to snip to make room for more, I certainly did.

I follow Birds and Blooms on Facebook and noted they feature "Blogs We Like" on Fridays.  These are all types of blogs and as I find ones I like I add them to my blogroll.  May you find something to like in their list as well!

Look for their Featured Blog on the left sidebar.

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