Monday, April 16, 2012

Mystery of the Disappearing Pages

Author Trish Vickers wrote her novel longhand in a specially prepared notebook.  She was blinded by diabetes several years ago and uses writing to keep her mind active and to share the imagination that has not been hampered by anything in life.

When her son came to visit, she asked him to read the first twenty six pages of her novel for feedback.  He had to tell her that the ink in her pen had apparently run out soon after she began, and her work consisted of many blank pages.

Cleverly, they took the manuscript to their local police station to see if forensic experts could help recover the pages which had the impressions of her words lightly engraved upon them.

Forensics worked on their own time for five months using special lights and recovered the novel's beginnings.

You couldn't write a better story than that, could you?

Here is the story:   Police save words of blind author who wrote 26 pages after pen ran out

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