Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Sleepy Hollow: Blood Moon

While not so frenetic as the pilot, the first episode of Sleepy Hollow was excellent and scarier by far!  Ichabod dreams of the Four Horsemen and his wife Katrina. 

He learns that the leader of the evil coven which inhabits Sleepy Hollow, Serilda of Abaddon seeks to return to life.

She has help from that hapless Pawn of Evil, John Cho's Andy Dunn.  Andy awakens from death with his head still impossibly bent down his back, and boy does he have trouble seeing where to walk!  Yikes!  The Smoky looking Beast snaps his head back into place and Andy heads off to do his bidding, muttering about some people being ungrateful and not being sooo helpful all the way.


He finds and names the victims for the witch, as she needs ashes from the ancestors of those who weakened her so she could be burnt at the stake. 

Serilda is one one scary woman in life and in death.  In life, her eyes were black slates, and in death, she is a lithe, ragged, burnt creature who transports from spot to spot closing in on, then burning her victim to turn them to ash.  I had my shirt ready to put over my eyes as she stalked a little boy in a darkened house.

Andy Dunn is not the only dead character who comes back to life.  In an interview I read, Ichabod aka Tom Mison says you can never tell who will die and who will return to life in Sleepy Hollow.

We have two covens then:  Serilda's and the Sisterhood of the Radiant Heart which I think must have been lead by Ichabod's beloved Katrina, now trapped "between worlds".   Good to know she isn't just helpful, but powerful, though her powers are limited if she can only appear in dreams.

We briefly meet Abby's sister Jenny at the end of the episode.  While Abby has dealt with her childhood brush with evil by burying the memory, her sister fully embraced the encounter with evil and has been in an asylum ever since.  She seems completely sane when we see her, doing pushups and pullups in her room to stay buff and ready to fight.  She reminds me of Linda Hamilton from Terminator 2: Judgement Day.  She also sees the Beast in a reflection in her window.  We don't know if he is a regular visitor or if he is coming now because things are heating up in Sleepy Hollow.

I enjoyed the episode.  Ichabod Crane is an intelligent man in an impossible situation.  The fact that he is a soldier and a spy who was investigating possibly supernatural events in his own time for someone like George Washington helps him adjust to his new circumstances more quickly than someone else would.  I enjoy the scenes from Revolutionary times.  It is very cool that he can know about the network of underground tunnels under Sleepy Hollow and secret rooms in buildings because he used them himself in his duties.

Abby is just the right mix of hard cop and wounded inner person who wants to believe and wants to do the right thing.  She is determined to do what is right no matter what that involves personally or professionally.  Her big heart serves her and us well.





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