Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Ironside Pilot (NBC)

I sat in my easy chair for a bit this evening watching the pilot for  the new series Ironside on my iPod.

There were a few fuzzy scenes but most came through really clearly.  At first I thought it a bit gritty and violent for my taste, but soon Blair Underwood as Robert Ironside won me over.  He is a really tough guy and seems to have no trouble taking down most bad guys with a little help from his team.  They are all young, but they seemed dedicated, smart, funny in some cases.

Ironside is a good team leader (he also coaches hockey).  He uses his assistants well.  Contrasted with Ironside's tendency to whomp on people is his tendency to get all smooshy eyed over an innocent victim.   That won me over right there.  As long as the guy cares I guess he can whomp on people if he needs to.

There are a few relationship complexities to explore:

The guilt of his ex-partner.

The odd relationship he has with his boss.

Spencer Grammer as Holly seems to have a fond relationship with a weirdo fat guy in a car.  Looks like a gang boss.  Knows more than he ought to about weird sex.

I thought the sister of a dead girl was quite compelling as an actress.  I think she also played her dead sister, if so, most interesting.

The premier is October second. You can watch the pilot and see what you think now:

Side note there were intriguing commercials for Revolution included.

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