Friday, September 27, 2013

Revolution Season 2 Premier

Just a quickie post before I fall behind   :)

The bombs hit Philadelphia and Atlanta and there seems to be some interaction between the fallout from that and the nanites that are everywhere.

The lights were on for 4 minutes.  This gave people hope that they could be turned on again permanently.

The President of the US who has been hiding out has made his way to the White House by mule cart.  One of his followers/staff arrived by ship to the place where Neville and his son are looking for the mom (aka Piece of Toast Lady) to rally everyone to the cause of the good ol' USA.  Neville is reinvigorated by hatred and he plans to get  revenge on the "patriots".

Charlie has gone off alone to find and presumably kill Monroe.  Her hair finally looks straggly as it should.

Rachel has gone all wimpy and self obsessed with guilt.  However she seems ready to openly be in love with Miles.  He is dodgey but hovers protectively nearby.

Aaron has found a nice woman and is in a relationship till her ex bursts in and slices him in two. Oops.  We see Aaron at the end of the show breathing in a deep lively breath though so, yo, nanites?

War Bands of total skag guys are raiding and killing people.  The Plains Nation isn't the snuggliest place on earth.

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