Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Person of Interest

A new night and time for Person of Interest. 

They are taking a team approach to the show, and annoying Shaw wasn't quite as annoying as usual,  She just isn't a likeable character.  They're taking a bit of a lighthearted humorous approach to everyone and their abilities though so maybe I'll get used to her.

Carter has been busted to street cop.  Poor Carter.  On the plus side when not in uniform they're playing up how gorgeous she is, as well as being loyal and smart.  Don't open her closet.

Fusco remains a detective with a new partner who is "a bag of rocks" or something similar.  Fusco gets to be in disguise and defuse a bomb, a step up for him.

Finch and Bear are actively out on the streets, showing up just when needed.

Reese coordinates everyone and is the natural leader. For such a lonely man, he seems very happy to be leading this merry group.

Root is in an asylum with the most idiotic psychiatrist on the planet.  In every scene I just kept looking at the pencils on the desk and was expecting her to grab one and stick it in his throat.  When she finally did unleash on him, it was in a far more damaging way, since she knew (of course) all of his secrets and had made friends with his young daughter online as well.

The main case this week of a sailor in trouble with some bad guys over stolen uncut diamonds, meh, not very good at all though the actor who played the sailor was really cool and I wanted to see him added to the team.


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