Monday, September 9, 2013

DOA in the Kitchen: Caprese Salad Returneth

I made Caprese Salad once before after seeing it roll by on Facebook. You know how that goes.  It is such simple ingredients but such a wonderful flavor!

I finally have some medium sized tomatoes RIPE from my garden but I am crushed as they are mushy and near tasteless.  Good thing I keep such good garden notes because those aren't going in again.  It needs to look like a tomato, smell like a tomato, TASTE LIKE A TOMATO.  Sheesh.

I thought that I could try using them up in the Caprese salad and the robust flavors of that salad would compensate.  I was right!  They were great.  Lovely.

I followed the Pioneer Woman's recipe with the balsamic vinegar reduction. It stinks like a pot of ammonia cooking on the stove, but when it is nice and glazy the taste is a delicately sweet taste, utterly transformed. That last time I reduced it too much, this time too little.  Too much is better!

This time I had my pretty but mushy tomatoes, some really nice sliced Mozzarella fresh basil and that lovely vinegar.  I used the leaves whole this time but they did taste better sliced into the salad the last time so I'd go that route.

When is the last time you actually found yourself craving a salad?

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