Thursday, October 3, 2013

DOA on the Road

Before I left home I thought adding pictures and a travelogue here would be the easiest thing to do. Ha! Nothing but problems logging in, changing information, verifying and reverifying. Gack! Slow Internet connections, photos don't upload here. Sheesh. I can only write in HTML mode. Maybe it is this cursed Mac. Shouldn't whine since it is doing the job. Lots of pictures to post when I return, with speedy Internet. We flew Iceland Air for the first time. Nice flight, tv screens on the back of each seat so you can watch a movie from a wide selection. No food or drink served that wasn't pay on the spot. Fair enough though I always appreciate when they give you a nice cool can of 7 UP. The staff really speak all in Icelandic with a few tidbits of English tossed in, the very briefest information. Off to London. We had a list of must see places and got those in then went to a few others. Only 3 days here so it was packed. We met my spouse's longtime Online Bridge Partner and he was really nice, lots of fun and a good sport when I pulled out my new Snoopy playing cards so we could play a few hands. We were unable to find a fourth. Free looow speed Internet in the lobby and suddenly some wierdo popped up next to me trying to make conversation and get a gander at my iPod screen. You know how they say in the movies don't sit with your back to the door? Don't cruise the net in front of a big window, either. We rented a car out of London and drove to Bath. Really a lovely lovely city, very relaxed but bustling. All for now. I'll have to solve the problem of the photos.

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