Sunday, October 20, 2013

Putting the Garden to Bed Zzzzzzzz

I thought I would have time to do a really good job putting my garden to bed this year.  If the Big Snow holds off,  I might get there yet. Well, except for the September date which has passed me by big time.

Ideally I would have done these things:

Planted all those perennials I potted up in preparation for moving them to the east side of the yard.

Brought my houseplants into the house in early September.

Cut back perennials and toss any leaves which look spotty or diseased in any way.

Cover everything with a nice blanket of leaves.

Brought in all garden ornaments including the smaller birdbaths.

I finally finished up on number one today, just beating forecasts of snow which luckily have not fallen yet.   I'm out shopping for potting soil which hasn't been sitting outside all summer because I'm pretty sure that is how I brought in so many annoying little bugs last year. Grr pesky things.  My houseplants including two trees await their fate in the garage.  They look happy enough.

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