Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Revolution: Dead Man Walking

Well played, Revolution.  The big event of the episode was the tease of a trial and execution for bad old Monroe. 

They certainly have killed off main characters in the story so as Monroe was captured, jailed, summarily tried and led to execution, dang you couldn't help feel bad for him, guilty remorseless bad dog that he is.

They did a nice job with a few flashbacks showing just where Monroe went from good guy to bad.  They've been able to show that Miles and Monroe as a team still have that magic.
You had to feel a bit bad for Monroe knowing he had lost one child at birth and another has been hidden from him, and by Miles no less.  
Even Charlie came to appreciate him. Whoa.

Only Rachel and her father seemed immune.  It was a bit awful that the father/daughter worked as a team to set up Monroe's lethal injection.  I know they both had Danny's death as a motive for revenge, but being an executioner takes a special type of person, doesn't it?  A soulless sort?

Dr. Porter, Rachel's dad, does the dirty deed while Rachel is the person preparing the drugs.  I've suspected her dad of collaborating with the Patriots all along.  I don't know that I think he is one, but he is single minded in preserving his town and keeping it safe at any cost.  He said himself in a conversation with Rachel in an earlier episode that she gets her stubborn single-mindedness (not a direct quote) from him.  All of her ruthlessness comes right down from this seemingly gentle man.

In any case, Monroe is declared dead by Porter, we see the Rangers tossing his plain wooden coffin in a deeply dug grave. Voila.

I knew from watching Rachel's face she'd put something non-lethal but death mimicking in the vial.  The question is, why save him?  To keep Miles from turning down the dark path Monroe had set to keep the revolution going?  Best to have ol' Monroe doing the dirty work, eh? 

I don't think she was phased by being told off by Charlie.  I wonder sometimes, everyone in forums keeps saying Miles is Charlie's dad, but what if Rachel is not Charlie's mom?  It would explain her deep feelings for Danny and her disconnect from Charlie.  So, if that were the case, who is Charlie's mama?  Just tossing that out there. (update: someone on Revolution's Facebook page posited that Charlie is Monroe's baby and Miles took her to Rachel and her husband for safekeeping when she was a baby.  Now that makes sense.  Miles is attached to Charlie because he loved Emma and once loved Monroe.  Good thought eh?)

In any case, the Monroe death arc ends with Rachel, spade in hand, methodically digging up Monroe's coffin.  That should be an interesting awakening.

Tom Neville 

Tom's storyline has him frog marching a wounded Secretary Allenford across country to find Jason who is in a camp being brainwashed and drugged silly into becoming a mindless killing machine.  Wounded or not I don't trust Allenford.

Suddenly she's completely against the Patriots and is all weepy and blah blah.  Set up city, I'm calling it.

Jason actually has become a stone faced killing machine. He isn't mindless though as he recognizes (but still tries to kill) his father.  He also has the wit to say that dear old mom was having an affair with some general or some such.  Ouch.  Neville, one of the most complex villains to grace the screen, manages to not kill his son, and he tells him through grinding teeth that Jason is all he has left and he's bringing him back no matter what.  

He sent Allenford off for water.  Think she'll be back with a group of killing machine buds?  Poor Neville.  I'm always a fan of characters being redeemed and he, like Darth Vader, does have some good in him.

Next week, Dr. Creepy arrives in Willoughby.  Dr. Porter seems quite familiar with him and not repulsed as a good country doctor would be.  Aaron seems to recognize Dr. Creepy when he sees his buggy go by, the Doc doesn't seem to recognize Aaron though.

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