Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The DOA Scrapbook: Storyboards

I'm working on Family History scrapbooks and have been for awhile.  I was actually moving right along, had a plan and was making them sort of assembly line fashion so I had one and each of my siblings could have one too.

I was incorporating pictures, letters, and other significant documents within the pages, while using fun background papers, stickers, ribbons, stamps, all those things scrapbookers can't resist. 

I started with the oldest relative I had pictures of and just gave each a brief page.  When I got to my mother's father, I realized I had a wealth of information on him and my grandmother.  Because my sisters don't remember these folks at all, I really wanted to bring them to life.  I wanted the book to be fun and interesting as well as informative.  I wanted it to tell a story visually.  I stopped cold.

I started instead looking at (available at your library) and Find A Grave and other sites that would let me flesh out all of my folks.  So here I am, sitting on a ton of information.  I have miraculously time to devote to working on and finishing this project.


I lack somehow with my supposedly orderly librarian mind the ability to sort and make this information flow as a story which is what I want.  Lure them in, get them to ask questions while they can.  Add their own memories.

As often happens while surfing the net, I was looking for something else and I came across the concept of storyboards and thought this is exactly what I need.  A guide that will allow a combination of text and visuals in an orderly way.

Two things look very promising:

The Beyond Bullet Points Story Template

Another on how to storyboard with Microsoft Word, grr won't open on my pc though it displayed easily on my iPod.  Search for it and hope for better luck.  It has nice step by step pictures for creating a Word Table and inserting the story and pictures.  Really it does.

Edit;  I downloaded the newest version of Adobe Acrobat reader and successfully downloaded the PDF on Storyboarding with Word.  I'm printing it out so I don't have to fool with reading it digitally. 

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