Sunday, October 20, 2013

I'll Never Forget You with Tyrone Power and Ann Blyth

Have you ever seen an old movie and could just remember one line from it, but not the name of the film or the actors?

The line, as I remember it was from the end of the film : "...not in my time or your time but in God's time."  I finally found it! Of all things the entire film seems to be on YouTube.  I watched about 20 minutes and don't recall anything of what I've seen so far.  Tyrone Power and Michael Rennie (always a favorite) seem awfully stiff so far, but the screen lights right up once Ann Blyth enters the picture.

Basically a nuclear scientist travels back to the 18th century and falls in love.  He can't resist using his scientific knowledge which I think ends up causing him trouble.  My first time travel romance film.  So romantic, as I recall. I'll have to watch the entire thing to see if I still think so.

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