Monday, November 24, 2014

Mockingjay Part 1


I really loved the book Mockingjay and think they did an excellent job so far of bringing the story to the screen.  They captured the ruination of Katniss very well. Always the reluctant heroine, the toll of all the lives lost and the thought that people could look to her for inspiration just takes her down.

Around her, the rebellion grows.  Her own people and those from District 13 are adept at using her to good effect to make sure the rebellion doesn’t die.  It’s fascinating to watch, because manipulation of that sort always seems wrong, but you know that it is effective and even necessary.


Donald Sutherland’s President Snow continues to be chilling in the smoothest manner possible.  His daughter slides a Mockingjay from her hair as he gives his speech about intolerance towards anyone bearing the symbol.   The white roses he drops around the surface of bombed District 13 to rattle Katniss.

One of my favorite scenes is the one where Katniss is asked to sing.  The tune is haunting, her voice raw but beautiful.  Then the scene switches to a group approaching the capital and they’re singing the song.  Very powerful, I thought.

The cat….I would rescue it too, but what trouble he brings, eh?  He looked quite ratty here, I must say.

Poor Peeta, he was very convincing at the end, tossing himself around in pure madness.

I must re-read the book.


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