Saturday, November 1, 2014

D.O.A. on TV: Gracepoint

An Americanized version of the British television series Broadchurch, Gracepoint centers around the death of a 12 year old boy named Danny Solano.

It really is a fine mystery series, with a Murder on The Orient Express-ish feeling that every single person in the town could have killed the boy. 

This is a particularly twisted thing, since the victim isn’t some adult who made a bunch of well-deserved enemies, but he’s just a perhaps troubled kid.

Every single person questioned practically sneers at the investigating detectives.  They’re all very guilty of something!

I did not watch the original series so I’m not making constant comparisons.  I enjoyed David Tennant as Who so I’m happy to see him another role.  He is very good.  I haven’t seen (nor am I likely to watch) Breaking Bad so I don’t know Anna Gunn at all, but I’m liking her more as we go along and she sees the case as a detective must rather than as a townsperson and friend.
The original series ran 8 episodes and this is 10.  Broadchurch has been renewed for a second season.  People seem to go out of their way to be grumpy about Gracepoint, so we shall be so lucky.

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