Monday, November 3, 2014

Ms. Reorganization

As you may note, I'm re-doing my blog list. 

I'm categorizing them as Books, Baking, Gardening and Diversions.  The process is slow going. I am going to try to include the snippets from the book blogs, my largest category.  Sometimes Blogger resents having too many of those on your list and they just don't display them. Tricksy Blogger.

Removing all blogs not updated in over two months.  Except, a few garden blogs that really only write during the Season.  They get to stay for the nonce.  Reassessing some of the choices that I just don't read so poof.   It will be all the more interesting when I'm done.

Note:  I wrote all my blog names in Word then just poofed the blog roll.  I couldn't find some of the blogs, ratski. 

Book blogs are in for the nonce.

Edit: Ok, I added a bunch more. I was disappointed to find many favorite authors don't have blogs, or haven't updated them (in a couple of years), or Blogger won't accept their address as a "feed".  Stinkers.

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