Tuesday, December 29, 2015


I finally put comments in moderation since the spammers wouldn't let  go.  How obnoxious they are.   Luckily, in a way, I only have one regular commenter who I am sure won't mind the extra steps to add a comment now and then.

The problem with the spammers is not just that they have no relevance to any post, but their comment has a link to a spyware/adware site tidily enclosed so I can't let them sit.  And I got tired of deleting them several times a day.  Blah blah.


  1. I've had to do that, too. I do wonder what spammers thing they're doing and if they feel accomplishment at destroying things.

  2. My spouse thought they were just bot programs, but they're still taking the time to put in the comments so I guess I have to wait them out. I guess they hope you miss their comment and someone clicks.