Sunday, January 3, 2016

One Movie Trilogy To Rule Them All

I was up till 3 in the morning watching Return of The King.  My plan had been one of the films each night, but as soon as I finished the Two Towers, in went Return of the King.  I don't buy DVDs anymore, but how nice to be able to watch the movies anytime I wish, without additional cost or worry that they wouldn't be on the list of available films.

It has been several years since I watched them.  I saw Two Towers in the theater at least eleven times.  Yet there I was, watching the battle of Helm's Deep, fully engrossed and so nervous for the fates of the characters.

I used to be all smitten with Aragorn, but now he seemed a bit flawed.  The character who impressed me most was Samwise Gamgee, the unassuming little Hobbit who found bravery beyond measure and whose encouragement got Frodo to Mount Doom.

When the films were in release, I felt they gave too much air time to Gollum, particularly Return of the King, which in the theatrical release seemed to have little of the King.

Now, I felt sorry for the creature, and noticed how much the tiny gangly mad thing was beaten by just about everyone.  It just seemed awful.  His crazy little self really was a marvel.

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  1. Sorry, Aragorn still has it for me. But I do agree about Gollum and Samwise.