Monday, September 26, 2016

DOA On TV: Show Notes

I've yet to see Gotham, but have caught up on the other shows I usually watch, plus I've added a couple of new ones.

Lucifer:   Lucifer oddly has a certain innocence to him, odd perhaps, but he is, after all, a fallen angel.  This season, his mother (who knew he had one!) has escaped from Hell, perhaps aided by someone in her escape.  Lucifer spends much of the episode rather hilariously thinking she is inhabiting the bodies of some very confused people.  Off to a good start.

Marvel's Agents of Shield:  Coulson isn't Director anymore which allows him to be out in the field rubbing elbows directly with the bad guys.  Fun for him and the audience.  The new director has been unseen but appears to be heavy handed and running Shield with a hard hand.  Daisy (hate that name) is off on her own chasing down baddies with her hacking skills and her super powers.  The new Big Bad is Ghost Rider, a character I'm not familiar with, but who is able to become a flaming skull being at will and toss fire.  His disabled brother is Lorenzo James Henry who plays Chris the Psycho on Fear the Walking Dead fueling speculation Chris' character will be killed off.

Survivor:  Gen X vs Millennials.  Gen X is a sort of innocuous generation for me, and the age range spans quite a bit 33-52?  I assumed since the Gen-Xers were portraying themselves as hard working conscientious role models of the world that they'd beat out the ever so slackery Millennials, but no, the Millennials outsmarted and outplayed them handily.  Best up your game, Gen X.

MacGyver:  As we know I never saw the original, so I am not all whiny comparing the new and old.   I thought the plot and characters were much like Mission Impossible, and right after I watched it it was also reminding me of Magnum PI, though I couldn't say now why.   I thought at first the MacGyver character was a bit silly and vacuous, but he had me rooting for him by the end of the episode.

Van Helsing:  Man, this was so dark and grim, and hopeless for the first half hour or so, and I considered turning it off, but I stuck with it, even through the second episode which made me actually like it more as it explained how everyone got to where they are.  I need at least one really appealing character in a show, and in this one, I really liked the doctor, who is now a slavering vampire, but I'm hoping she can be turned back.  I also liked Vanessa Van Helsing's little girl, and I have hope as well that she is alive somehow.  I'll be there watching this week.

Once Upon a Time:  Off to an annoying start with Emma mysteriously having tremors and visions of her apparent death and stupidly hiding it from everyone except stinking creepy Hyde.  She does this every time, when she has plenty of people who could help her figure things out.  I did not like the Regina/Zelena immediate split.  Having them finally work things out between them would have been a nice story arc.

Lethal Weapon:   I'm a fan of the old movies and would have been critical, if Damon Wayans and Clayne Crawford were not both so immediately appealing in their roles.  They were both just great, I loved their characters and had a tear in my eye at episode's end.  Watching!

Designated Survivor:  What happens if things go bad and a really smart Sweetheart of the World is suddenly tossed into the Oval Office by tragedy?  Keifer Sutherland, I just wanted to hug him.  So sweet, so vulnerable, but under it, I think so very capable.   I never watched a single episode of 24 so I'm not biased into wanting him to reprise his Jack Bauer role at all. A real surprise must watch for me who despises politics more than anyone you know.

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