Saturday, May 14, 2011

In the Park with Erin Hart

Our Walk 'n talk event went very well. Author Erin Hart showed participants how to make a St. Bridget's Cross from stalks of wheat. She also brought a sample made from pipe cleaners and has used the tall flower stalks from hostas to weave a cross.

It takes 14 stalks of Wheat for each cross

There was a lovely table set up with Erin's books, her husband Paddy's music and a computer with a slideshow representing elements from Erin's stories.

How to make wheat into a symbol of good luck.

With the cold rainy park creating a beautiful backdrop, we listened to Erin talk about how she got started writing a novels, leaving non-fiction writing behind. Her meticulous plotting and attention to detail spring from the
researcher she still is, to the delight of her readers.

While we walked the half mile around the lake, we talked with her about her books, and I was able to ask a few questions from my handy mystery book group notebook. It sounds like exciting things are ahead in the next novel tentatively called "Serpent's Egg".

Erin will visit book groups and she has Skype available as an option for visits just about anywhere.

This September, she will lead a tour of areas in Ireland where her three novels take place. This will be her second such tour. Visit her web site to secure a spot for yourself!

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