Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Dream Team

Gaming site Massively had a post this week asking what your developer dream team would be for an MMO. I didn't have time to reply and now I can't find the post, but the concept has stayed in my tiny mind so here is the team I would assemble if I ran the Zoo, including everyone who I think would make the virtual world unimaginably PERFECT.

Raph Koster
Richard Bartle
Todd Howard
Emil Pagliarulo
Jane Jensen
Roberta Williams
Matt "Scenario" Elliot
Toby Gard
John Carmack
Ron Gilbert
Ken Levine
Tim Schafer
Warren Spector
Steve Danuser
Matt Firor

My community management team:

Diane Tiggs Migliaccio
Kevin O'Hara

Ta da.

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