Thursday, July 7, 2011

Literature Map

Supposedly, the Literature Map lets you pick an author you like and then it does the "cloud thing" and puts up other authors who write like your author.

This could give you a new set of authors to try, or not. Theoretically, the closer in proximity the author name is to your desired author, the more like your author they are.

I tried Douglas Adams, the favorite of my husband the Impossible Reader's Advisory Subject. So hard to figure out what he would read or not. Every technique I have for finding him new authors has failed. If I do find a new one, he'll often read a book or two and then not like them anymore, mysteriously. Agh, I say agh.

Anywho, Anne Rice is closest to Douglas Adams on the Literature Map!!!! Dept of Triple DOH, why did I NEVER think of her?

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