Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Grimm: The Kiss

Another loaded episode last night! 

The FBI steps in to investigate the warehouse "incident" and the deaths of two of their agents.  Nick is able to recover the gun he left at the scene after his fight with the Mauvais Dentes but a shell casing has been spotted and is in evidence.  DNA at the scene doesn't match Nick's but is someone who could be closely related to him.  "It's my mother" he tells them honestly but with relish, knowing they won't believe it.

He goes to a remote site and tosses his revolver (which he just barely recovered from under a tank at the factory).  The conflicts between his Grimm life and police life have never been more tenuous.

Hank, who seems to be recovering from his close encounter with a Blutbad, tells Nick not to leave him out to dry, he has to be honest with him.  Smart guy, but could he handle the truth?  I think he can.

Kelly Burkhardt aka Nick's mom continues to wow in every scene.  What a kick ass person.  What a handy mom for a Grimm to have around.  She assisted at the factory (it did take the two of them to bring down the Mauvais Dentes).  She goes over to have a mom to mom chat with Adalind's mom, which ends badly for the hexenbiest.  I suspect Adalind will resurface to get revenge for dear mom's demise. 

Adalind's mom tells Kelly the stunning news that there is a Prince in Portland.  She also indicates he is a literal bastard, which might be why he is so far from his family.   Nick is interested when she tells him, but he isn't as stunned by this as she thinks he ought to be, you can tell.

Ms. Momma Hexenbiest has prepared a lumpy white potion for the Captain.  It takes someone pure of heart of kiss Juliette and bring her out of her deep sleep.   He is "barely human", she says, so it will take him on quite a ride.

We get to see a bit of his true visage before he drinks the potion.  Renard looks a bit like a zombie, a bit like a hexenbiest.  He spends numerous scenes roaring in pain and belching out black smoke before he appears at the hospital just ahead of Nick to place a kiss on Juliette's lips which brings her out of the witch induced coma she has been in.


If he now has a Pure Heart, how will that change him?  How can he deal with his kingdom and his European family if he has lost his edge?  I don't know why but I thought it would be nice to see Kelly team up on the side with the Captain once she finds out who he is.  A Good Grimm does work with the local royalty.  He won't need Nick if he has her, but of course on her behalf he would still work to protect Nick.  Also, I rather like the Captain and Kelly would be worthy of him :)  Just a thought.

Nice scenes between Monroe, Rosalee and Nick's mom.  They are like scared children and she is politely dangerous as they drive her home.  Rosalee hugs Kelly in an impulsive gesture and she briefly hugs back in a surprisingly sweet moment.

As we suspected, Juliette does not remember anything that has happened upon awakening, in fact she doesn't know who Nick is.  He has an opportunity to let her go, or start over with her and hide his Grimm life.

At the last, Nick gives Kelly the Coins so she can take them to be destroyed at the place they were created.  She doesn't know how long she will be gone.  They hug, he drives away, she walks over to a car, jimmies the lock and gets in.  Apparently she will be staying in town for a bit undercover.

Here's a great article from Entertainment Weekly's Blog on Captain Renard and what happens to him in this episode.

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